About Unimenco A/S

Unimenco has been on the market since 2004. Prior to that we existed as Palmenco A/S and all of Palmenco A/S business is today handled by Unimenco.

Our name is a combination of the company Unitraffic AB and Palmenco AB. Today we do not do business with Unitraffic but we have a connection to Palmenco AB because they are the Scandinavian distributor of Lion laboratories products – quality breathalyzers. We are the Danish distributor of Palmenco products in Denmark therefore we sell Lion breathalyzers.

We have a high degree of knowledge and know how concerning breathalyzers and drug tests. This is our main focus area and has been so for the past 20 years.

In 2006 we became the Danish distributor of ‘Branan Medical Corporation’ products a world leading manufacturer of drug tests. Branan has supplied NASA with environmental test for the International Space Station.

In 2008 we became the Danish distributor of Lifeloc Technologies breathalyzers. Lifeloc offers professional quality breathalyzers and supplies – probably the best breathalyzers in the market.

We have our own service center here most of the service on the breathalyzers is done if we do not do the service at the costumers place. If you have a problem with your breathalyzer we can fix it for you.
Our biggest customers are the Danish Police, Military, Hospitals and treatment centers.

We believe that the way to success is through a good relationship to our customers and that is why we focus and put a lot of effort into satisfied customers.

It is our mission to become market leaders on drug tests as we are on breathalyzers.


We do business with some of the leading Breathalyzers and drug test companies in the world

Our customers

We always try to do our best in terms of service. Often we make decisions based on feedback from our customers. They have a huge impact on our product development.